CEO’s Journey

The CEO of Mongoose Inclusive Cricket is leading entrepreneur Raj Tulsiani.  In his other role as CEO of recruitment company Green Park, Raj has campaigned for and advised on workforce diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout his career, influencing the culture of some of the UK’s leading public and private sector organisations.

Through Raj’s diversity campaigning at Green Park, he has been fortunate enough to meet the leaders of some inspiring community outreach programmes that change people’s lives through grass-roots initiatives. Through a sustainable business model where 20% of profits are donated to projects like these, Mongoose Inclusive Cricket uses cricket to boost participation and educate young people about their options, giving them the life skills and knowledge that transcends sport.

Mongoose has committed in excess merchandise of 100,000 bats to inner city schools and youth programmes.

At Mongoose, we believe if we can help to influence and positively impact on the paths of any young, disillusioned and disenfranchised children out there, we can be proud that we have got off the bench and played our part.