Why Mongoose

We believe cricket should be a force for great good in society. In order to get our knowledge and positive messages across to customers, we have to provide great kit at reasonable prices.

Mongoose has long been an innovative brand, but one that fell into the trap like all cricket brands of needing to raise costs to pay for celebrity endorsements in the hope that customers will want to buy bats with the same stickers that the pro’s use.  They are of course not the same bats and the truth is 200% mark ups are not unusual.

This is important because cricket has become very expensive and often out of the reach of the average family. Today more than ever before, unless you have money, go to a great school or are lucky enough to have access to a club who’s colts are not just a money making venture – the same social mobility and dynamism that I benefited from is far more difficult to access than for the last 30 years. Exactly at the time where society is becoming increasingly fragmented and in danger of radicalisation, gang culture and a generalisation poverty of aspiration.

Mongoose inclusive cricket will invest a minimum of 20% of profits into community projects that make a difference because we know cricket can inspire, cricket can bring people together and people who love cricket often want to do right by others.

The kits good but Mongoose is about more than just the kit.

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