Why Mongoose

Mongoose Inclusive Cricket, headquartered in London, has the following corporate mission:  to supply great cost-effective equipment and to make cricket more inclusive and accessible. Originally founded in 2009, Mongoose is one of the world’s most renowned cricketing apparel and equipment brands.

At Mongoose, we believe cricket should be accessible and a force for good in society. In order to get our knowledge and positive messages across to customers, we have to provide great kit at reasonable prices.

Mongoose originally rose to popularity as an innovator but we lost our relevance in the marketplace and ended up costing too much for most of our customers. Unfortunately, 200% equipment markups are not unusual in cricket anymore. This means that cricket has become out of the reach of the average family.

More than ever, unless you have money, go to a great school or are lucky enough to have easy access to a cricket club, the sport is too expensive. At a time where society is becoming increasingly fragmented and in danger of radicalisation, gang culture and a suffers prolifically from a poverty of aspiration, we can’t afford to be contributing further factors of exclusion to our children.

This is why the newly incorporated, Mongoose Inclusive Cricket will invest a minimum of 20% of profits into community projects that make a difference because we know cricket can inspire and cricket can bring people together.

Mongoose’s quality will always be the best but this is about more than just the kit.

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